Joshua Vides – Say Cheese Camera

  • 2.5″ x 4.75″ x 6.25″ in.
  • 1 Disposable Camera

Say cheese! This fun disposable camera is the best way to save a memory forever. With illustrations by Joshua Vides on all 6 sides of the camera and all six panels of the box. In Joshua Vides’ signature pop art style. Each camera come with personalization space. Get back into printing your shenanigans on 35mm color film.


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About Joshua Vides

Joshua Vides is a first-generation Guatemalan, born and raised in Rialto, a low-income town in Southern California. To avoid boredom, and although his parents downplayed the importance of artistic skills, for Vides, it came naturally. From an early age, Vides re-drew cartoons, which turned into skateboard graphics, often in black and white. Vides believes that everything starts with a sketch and “taking everything back to its origins,” so it’s no surprise that urban art and public spaces have been a prolific first platform.