Royal Jarmon – Extra Time (AP)

Extra Time By Royal Jarmon (Artist Proof)


  • 2020
  • Silk Screen
  • Unknown Paper Type
  • 11.7 x 8.3 in. ( 29.7 x 21 cm)
  • Edition of 40 + 15 AP
  • Signed, Numbered & Marked AP by the Artist
  • Level P3 Provenance Included with sale


Extra Time by Royal Jarmon is part of a 12 Artist Silk Screen Print Edition curated for Group Exhibition ‘Extra Time’ at Plus-One gallery. A silkscreen with each artist was made.


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About Royal Jarmon

Royal Jarmon is a painter and sculptor who jumps between mediums to create his vivid works that capture the imagination and then bring it back to reality. The commercial and stark references his works have are a refreshing and grounding way of looking at objecthood – and then back at the painting again. Being an artist from the Midwest who traveled to New York City, he uses familiar imagery within dizzying urban landscapes to show us a tension between ourselves and our commercial environment at large. He pushes through moments of darkness with absurdity and wit that leave you within a mixed emotional conundrum. You don’t always know if it is alright to think something depicted is beautiful or funny – or beautifully funny. Jarmon is not afraid of pushing the tensions between the absurd and the way we perceive ourselves within this urban-centric lifetime. Each piece is flooded with color and optimism with a poetic undertow of cynicism and darkness.

Level P3 Provenance

Works with P3 Level Provenance do not have a documented history of ownership and may have passed through the hands of multiple collectors, thus making obtaining the original invoice nearly impossible. These works are sold with a provenance report that includes:

  • A Detailed Description of The Work
  • High-Resolution Photographs
  • Artist Biography
  • Condition Report
  • Gallery Invoice
  • Bill of Sale